World paradigms & deceits are crumbling before our very eyes.


We all come to an existence having won the biggest race of our lives having no choice in the matter with mind boggling odds of 400,000,000,000,000,000 to 1. Yet, sometimes even to live is an act of courage. To live one must have FAITH & trust him or herself to the completely unknown; to a nature without a dictator; a ruler.

Many philosophical teachings say the kingdom of GOD is  "within" man; NOT 1 MAN or a group of men, but in ALL men. We have the power within our very own selves to make not just our lives, but this world as magnificent as we can. Much literature also speaks on the power of faith.

The Mission

Certainly, the alarming worldwide situations and circumstances which threaten humanity's survival are attributed to much more than the cause of war. However, with approximately 8 billion people living on planet earth, it is beyond daunting how our clear view of reality has been and continues to be obstructed by things like our very own developed technology, as well as false teachings, dogmas, & therefore false beliefs. For the most part, they are fed by those closest to us at a premature age having a minimal understanding of their true nature, history, and sought after by mostly those who find themselves searching for some kind of psychosomatic mental remedy outside themselves. Minimal effort and research are required to become aware of the increasing amount of frightening information easily made available to us in this day and age. We have become victims of the same technological advancements which catapulted mankind out of the 19th century and well into the 21st. I see world leaders herding humanity into the most advanced civilization mankind has ever known based on the same false dogmas from savage ages. These dogmas have held the tightest grasp on the minds and activities of humanity throughout history and we continue to witness this at the present time.

We may come to this world alone and die alone, but the camaraderie, family, friends, love, empathy, and everything else which entails to "Be Human", is something that can't be disregarded at this point in time.

There is no denying the word's transformation in human consciousness currently taking place. We are all living through a #majortransition & awakening.

Did you know that Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Zoroaster, and the early spiritual Greek philosophers were all alive within the same short time period approximately 2500 years ago?

They also lived through a time of great awakening, without the aid of conventional technology. There were truth manifestations afoot during that age of opportunity, a truth of which has rung throughout history.

Lets #fightforaworldofreason and see clearly what is transpiring all around us. It is perhaps the biggest clue there is that the solution is within us, and its manifestation closely at hand.


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